Management Succession and Development
Designing and implementing management succession and leadership development processes

To operate effectively in today’s globally competitive business environment, the quality of management is paramount. Planning for and developing competent managers and executives is a vital activity for assuring an organization's continued success. Lawson International provides consulting expertise in the design and implementation of management succession and leadership development processes. Our expertise lies in developing new approaches or strengthening components of existing talent management processes.

The Importance of Key Executive Talent

Many companies today have every reason to be uneasy about the qualifications of their up- and-coming managers to accept the demands of senior management. Executive bench strength is un-certain. Quite often, in periods of transition and change in business strategy, corporate culture, and global competitiveness, the world moves too quickly to allow for the orderly development of middle and senior level executives in companies. Also, the normal process of attrition takes a heavy toll.

Over the past twenty years, we have executed project engagements which help clients implement programs to identify and develop and measure the managerial competencies instrumental in attaining both individual and organizational goals.

Lawson International's capabilities include the following:

Evaluating current management and executive development strategies and programs and recommending improvement opportunities, if appropriate.

Designing and assisting in the implementation of executive and management development strategies including the formulation of corporate philosophies, policies and procedures which provide the implementation logic and processes for development.

Implementing executive and management succession planning systems that serve to identify, develop and utilize talent, as well as assure that well-prepared replacements are available for key executive positions or top management teams.

Developing an overall executive development structure that integrates executive assessment and selection, executive education and training, on-the-job development, succession planning, and high potential programs linked with business and corporate strategy.

Custom-designing executive education programs that develop the organizational and individual competencies needed to implement business and corporate strategies and sustain competitive advantage.

Developing and validating systems and programs to identify high potential executives early in their careers, identify and develop the competencies needed to enhance their current performance, and accelerate their readiness and competence for future executive assignments.

Conducting tailored management and executive development needs assessment studies which ensure that the organization's competence base is closely matched to overall strategic direction and that programs have a value-added combination of skill development that produces consistent growth and improved profits.

Measuring the financial payoff from investments made toward leadership development and succession planning processes.

The Lawson International Approach

Our work typically begins with an analysis of existing needs and talent requirements of the business, including future strategic directions having management development implications. Next, we assess existing practices, identify evolving management planning and development requirements, and formulate new or improved components for a workable succession planning or talent development process. Finally, we assist in program implementation processes or the internal repositioning of a refined succession system.

Meeting the specific management succession and development planning project needs of the client is the primary goal of our consulting engagements. We approach each project with the understanding that it is this uniqueness which must be carefully evaluated.

The Benefit

An effective strategy and programs for management development and succession planning enable an organization to:

Forecast the number and types of management talent that will be needed to successfully lead the organization now and in the future.

Ensure management continuity and development by analyzing projected staffing requirements and the availability of talent and by having individual development and external recruitment strategies.

Design and implement custom management and executive development programs that build skills and perspectives needed to address current and future business direction.

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